Q. What do I get for my money?

A. You get a portrait featuring your pet. If you want more than one pet in your portrait, it's just an additional $50 per pet. We do 'fur family" portraits all the time! Once your payment and photos have been received, creation of your Dobby Doodles pet portrait begins. Once complete, you will receive a high resolution digital file.

We don't actually ship Dobby Doodles. Instead we supply high resolution files for personal use. Today, most local print shops will create paper prints or even print on canvas for very affordable prices. By providing you with digital files we save you expensive shipping costs, fees, shipping times, and the risk of damage during shipping. It's the best of both worlds. You get a pet portrait and you can have it printed in whatever size you want!


Q. What sort of photo should I send?

A. Typically, the better the photo, the better the end result. But ideally you should send your favourite photo and a couple of other photos for reference. Sometimes poor lighting hides the little details and markings that make your pet so unique.

Q. Can I make special requests?

A. Within reason, of course! All Dobby Doodles have the same tattoo inspired layout, but you can request certain colors or accents. We've done Doodles featuring crowns, toys, angel wings and tacos - just to name a few. If you have something in mind, just send along a note when you order.



Look, sometimes little details can be missed. Maybe Scruffy's nose looks black in the source photo and not his natural brown? Maybe Ginger's tabby stripes should be darker? This is your pet portrait, so small revisions like that are absolutely free!

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